Annick is an illustrator and graphic artist.
She starts her journey through studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Liège, Belgium. Simultaneously, she starts her carreer in the press with Khimaira magazine. Since then she has diversified her work in paper edition, anthology, books covers, logo and webzines.

She uses paper, pencils and various paintings as well as computer graphics devices such as Photoshop® and a graphic tablet.

She is deeply influenced by Art Nouveau, Art Déco, symbolist painting, Japanese Art, early twentieth century illustrators... and many, many other things...

She is currently working in Paris as lead artist, charadesigner and concept artist on a Role-Playing Game Series and a MMORPG project for Beyondthepillars.


Editions Voy'el – “Le Chant de la Malombre”, Gaëlle K. Kempeneers (cover)
– “Le Prince des Brumes”, Cyriane Delanghe (cover)
“La Fille de Dreïa”, Corinne Guitteaud (cover)

Editions Sombre Rets – Anthologie Pouvoir et Puissance
– Ananke n°2 (cover)


Outremonde – Univers XII
– Univers XI
– Univers VIII
– Univers VI
– Univers V
– Univers IV
– Univers II
– Univers I
– Hors-Série 2 "Trinité Sombre : Lovecraft, Howard & Smith"
– Hors-Série 1 "Remake, Revisitage, Fanfic"


Phenix – Hors Série n°1 : Spécial Nouvelles (cover)
– Hors Série n°2 : Spécial Nouvelles
– Hors Série n°3 : Spécial Nouvelles (cover)
- Various short stories' illustrations


Spootnik Editions – Art Book “Dragons”
– Art Book “Les enfants de la chimère”


Khimaira – from n°01 to 16
– older version of the magazine : from n°17 to 24


Traveling exhibition, Fantasy en Brabant dragon (2005/2006)
Paris, La Loco, Festival dark et gothique de l'Erèbe (2004)
Bruxelles, Lez-Arts-Cachés (1999)


Annick made the layout with her paintings and photoshop CS5. Many thanks to Elsa who encoded the website and put it online.